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Attic Cleanup And Sanitation – Premiere Attic Restoration Service In Toledo Ohio

Feces Removal, Contaminated Insulation Removal, Disinfecting & Deodorizing Treatment, and Complete Insulation Replacement

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After A Wildlife Invasion, You May Need Attic Restoration

What Is Attic Cleanup And Sanitation?

Attic cleanup and sanitation is the trusted method for restoring your home to its former, pristine condition after a bat colony invasion. Bats can damage your home or attic in several ways, including tearing or sullying your insulation, damaging your duct work or vents, leaving biomass behind, and more. Urine, feces, pheromones, oils, and various other debris have the ability to turn the air or materials they contact into an instant biohazard.

Therefore, the people using your attic are immediately exposed to potential allergens or even harmful bacteria and viruses. For this reason, you absolutely must hire a professional attic cleanup and sanitation service to handle the restoration of your attic to a safe state. Reach out today–a Buckeye Wildlife Solutions staff member is available to take your call right now at (419) 552-2001!

Why Is It Important To Perform An Attic Restoration?

A full attic restoration service lies at the heart of any proper post-bat removal job. After ridding your home or attic of a bat colony, we must then act to mitigate and reverse the damage they caused. Anything less, and you will be putting yourself at unnecessary risk. Damaged flooring, wiring, insulation, and unsanitized biomass are the main culprits we aim to handle immediately after removing bats from your home.

In addition to the physical risk you’re at when using a damaged attic, you’re also likely to notice a drastic downtick in your HVAC efficiency. Your heating and cooling bills could potentially climb in the aftermath of a bat invasion due to air leakage. Also, water, dirt, and random debris can get into your home if there is any room to fit through in your soffits, fascia, walls, or more. Therefore, you need to make sure to address a damaged attic as soon as you recognize the problem!

Bat Guano Pile at Attic Cleanup And Sanitation page
A messy attic with bat guano at the  Attic Cleanup And Sanitation page
Very old moldy pile of bat guano  at the  Attic Cleanup And Sanitation page
A bat colony inside this attic left this bat guano mess and needed our  Attic Cleanup And Sanitation services page
attic decontamination services
A layer of bat guano in an attic.

Removing The Wildlife Problem Is Only The Beginning Of The Solution

The Process Of Attic Cleanup and Sanitation

The first step to properly treating a damaged attic is concretizing a plan. When we reach the premise, one of our attic restoration specialists will survey the entirety of your attic. We will want to get a clear, detailed picture of the area, including potential problem spots (due to damage or contamination). Afterward, we’ll start to clean the entire area, making sure to sweep away and vacuum up any droppings, damaged materials, and various debris.
Once we remove all the damaged or contaminated materials from your attic, we make sure to fully clean and sanitize it using industry-leading cleansers and disinfectants. Rest assured, your attic will look, smell, and feel brand new when we’re finished. After we’re sure the area is safe to navigate, we can tackle any problems like wall damage, floor damage, roof, soffit, or fascia damage, vent damage, and much more. Calling our Toledo office to start your attic restoration today at (419) 552-2001!

What Equipment Do We Use?

Attic cleanup and sanitation services like Bat Removal Toledo, Ohio, use special industry-grade tools designed to handle professional use rigors. Our team uses only the highest quality tools and equipment available to us. This may include personal protective equipment, strong disinfectants, industrial vacuums, and much more. All of our team members are trained to use the tools we have at our disposal.

It is important when addressing a damaged attic to repair and sanitize every damaged or infected area before continuing. For this reason, we spare no expense on water extractors, thermal foggers, microbial disinfectants, and carpentry-related tools. Bat Removal Toledo Ohio has the equipment and knowledge to handle your attic restoration job no matter how complicated it might be!

Vacuuming up bat guano
Fogging and attic after attic decontamination
Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW produced this spotless attic.
machine used to blow in insulation  at the  Attic Cleanup And Sanitation page
blowing in insulation
Beautiful while insulation in the attic

You May Have Fantastic Insurance But…

Does Insurance Cover Attic Cleanup And Sanitation?

We know that the idea of paying to repair a badly damaged attic might seem daunting. Sometimes, homeowner’s insurance covers part or all of an attic restoration job’s costs. Damage caused by bats is often covered in common insurance policies. However, how much is covered depends on each person’s specific policy. Therefore, it is best to explore that avenue as soon as possible to get an accurate picture.

Bat Removal Toledo Ohio takes great pride in servicing the communities of northwest Ohio, and, as such, we will always be up-front about the costs of each of our services. Attic restoration is a complicated job that requires a high degree of nuance. Therefore, we will always work with you to keep you informed about the process and gauge which services best fit your specific situation. Start your attic restoration today by calling our office at (419) 552-2001!

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