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Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW Solves Sandusky Ohio Bat Problems

Sandusky Bat Removal 

Bat Removal And Bat Exclusion create difficult challenges for wildlife nuisance removal professionals. So, our Sandusky Ohio community requires THE experienced team of Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW experts who can meet any challenge.

“I promise my company will exceed all health recommendations during the pandemic. Plus, we can perform most tasks outside of your living environment. I take pride in all the services that I provide, and customer satisfaction is #1.”
The Best To You And Yours,

Chris Witmer, Owner Of Northwest Ohio Branch Of Buckeye Wildlife Solutions

The 6 signs that bats are in your Sandusky home

  • You might notice piles of feces (bat guano) in a corner of your attic
  • Otherwise, you might find guano built up near or on top of the insulation
  • There are urine stains on insulation, walls, or the floor
  • If there is a strong smell of ammonia from excrement buildup
  • There are squeaking noises or scratching sounds coming from your attic or walls
  • Seeing creatures flying near the ceiling or in dark areas of your home

How much does bat exclusion cost in Sandusky?

The cost of bat exclusion in Sandusky is entirely dependent on the size of the affected area and the services necessary to restore it. We pledge to always be up-front and honest about our pricing as well as the services we will perform on your home or attic.

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When You Want The Best In Bat Removal And Exclusion

Sandusky Bat Removal And Exclusion

Regardless of how many bats are in your home or attic, Bat Removal Sandusky Ohio is capable of handling your bat removal and exclusion needs. We strive to perform top-quality, humane bat removal and control each time out—making sure to keep you informed every step of the way. We allow the bats to safely exit your property through our One-Way Bat Valve, preventing the bats from re-entering.

Our staff members here in Sandusky have extensive experience along with the licensing and proper education to perform bat removal and all related activities in the state of Ohio. This includes bat removal and exclusion, damage repair, attic cleanup and sanitation, bat proofing, and much more.

Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations each time out. We have decades of combined experience and training and will safely handle all of your bat removal needs. Considering the dangers involved in bat exclusions, we perform each job with the utmost care, always putting the safety of you and your family above all else.

The Bat Valve at  Sandusky Bat Removal
the bat valve TBV-FR4 at  Sandusky Bat Removal
The bat valve TBV-SG3 at  Sandusky Bat Removal
The Best In All Things Attics

Sandusky Attic Cleanup, Sanitation, and Insulation Replacement

Bat Removal Sandusky Ohio specializes in attic cleanup, sanitation, and restoration services for northwest Ohio home businesses and homeowners. Our access to industry-leading equipment, along with our education and experience, gives us the ability to completely turn the shape of your damaged attic around with minimal downtime.

Below, we’ll describe what goes into the average attic restoration job. First, we clean any debris, oils, and waste so that we have a chance to sanitize each inch of the affected room. Then, we address any damaged insulation, floorboards, vents, wires, or other damaged materials. Once this is complete, we can explore options to protect your home against future bat invasions.

Our staff is unquestionably the most accomplished attic restoration team in the Sandusky area. We’ve performed attic cleanup and sanitation, insulation replacement, damage repair, and full restoration projects for hundreds of satisfied customers. No matter the size or difficulty, rest assured that we have the equipment, the talent, and the time to handle your attic cleanup job!

bat guano in attic
bat guano cleanup
attic cleaned and ready to be sanitized
Attic sanitizing at Sandusky Bat Removal
 Sandusky Bat Removal insulation replacement
New insulation at  Sandusky Bat Removal
We Keep Bats Out With High-End Sealing

Sandusky Bat Proofing Structures

It can be an immense challenge trying to keep bats out of your home and attic. Bats are both crafty and very nimble, capable of fitting into gaps that are difficult to spot. The single best defense against would-be bat invaders is to bat-proof your house. Below, you’ll read about the different options we offer to give your home a rock-solid defense against bats.

Assuming your home doesn’t have any bats currently living inside, we will thoroughly search the inside and the perimeter of your home in search of potential entry points. We will highlight all problem areas and determine which methods best address each element. Common problem areas include vents, ducts, chimneys, and roofs (especially soffits and fascia).

To prevent bats from accessing these problem areas, we perform caulking, flashing, capping, screening, and custom metalwork. We use the highest-grade caulks, caps, screens, and metals available so that your home is protected for decades to come. Call our Sandusky office today at (419) 552-2001!

Repairing Screening For Bat Proofing
Bat proofing chimneys
bat proofing fascia with metal

One Of Many Ways We Identify Bat Openings In Your Sandusky Home

Sandusky Home Bat Invasion Video Tells It All

The common types of Ohio bats are capable of fitting into the tightest of openings. Because of this, bats are one of the most common pests to invade Ohioans homes and attics. Our Bat Removal Sandusky Ohio service handles all manners of bat removal cases. The video is merely one example of the work we do:

Humane Bat Removal Always

 All Ohio Bats Are Protected

Several bat species (including common ones in Ohio) are protected by state and federal law. It is against regulation to kill, maim, or harm many bat species in any way unless bitten. Furthermore, there are certain times of the year that colonies of 15 or more cannot be excluded as they may be maternal colonies. These colonies are made up of females who give birth to and raise young bats together.

Because the young bats cannot fly and are susceptible to danger, it is illegal (and inhumane) to remove them and throw the young out into the wild where they’re almost sure to perish. The infant bats learn to fly after several weeks, although they need even more time to acclimate and become strong fliers. Therefore, Bat Removal Sandusky Ohio pledges to act in accordance with humane bat treatment standards, as any reputable bat removal company would.

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